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A plot of land is located within the perimeter of an agglomerate, be it a village or a city. It is the result of the enforcement of certain soil classification criteria, as well as the qualification criteria and the categories of the rustic soil as well as the urban soil in function of its dominant role, applicable to the entire national territory. 


At Petra Strattil real estate, we can have two types of land available:

Urban Land, which corresponds to what is completely or partially urbanized or built and, as such, in a territorial plan for urbanization or building. In this situation, we may have available plots of land for sale or for rent in Lisbon, Cascais or possibly plots of land with projects for homes.

 The Rustic Land corresponds to that which is destined, namely to agricultural, forest, livestock, the conservation and valorisation of natural resources, the exploitation of geological resources or energy resources, as well as what is destined to natural, cultural, tourism and recreation, and one that is not classified as urban.

Currently for the Reclassification of Rustic Land in Urban Land, it is required the demonstration of the economic / financial sustainability and viability of the transformation of the rustic soil into urban, through demographic indicators and the degrees of urban land supply and demand.

The definition of the dominant roles, as well as of the categories related to Urban and Rustic Land, will obey to uniform criteria, applicable to the whole national territory, established in Regulatory Decree no. 15/2015, of August 19, which also aims to limit Construction Expectations.

Other property types



All the apartments have a wide variation in dimensions, ranging from Studios or T0 consisting only of a bedroom-living room and bathroom, up until T6+ or more for apartments with more than 6 rooms.

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All houses have a wide variety of dimensions, they come from small bungalows T1 consisting only of a room, a room with kitchen and a bathroom, to private villas.

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This is the Segment of stores that you can find for Sale or Rent at the Petra Strattil Real Estate Brokerage.

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Buildings are all fractions of a territory that encompass structures and constructions of any nature, which are embodied or settled therein.

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Within the traditional definition as well as this new concept, Petra Strattil real estate has some options available for you in your real estate portfolio. 

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At Petra Strattil Real Estate Agency, we have a wide array of restaurants for succession, lease or sale, with the aim of providing an original and new experience for those who are in the restaurant business. 

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