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In the urbanized and contemporary world of todays society, its possible to find many different housing typologies. These typologies are usually found in urban regions, since they are part of cultures and habits of certain societies.

On the other hand, certain typologies are proposed from time to time by some new architectural eras or by individuals desiring new adventures and architectural experiences.

All houses have a wide variety of dimensions, they come from small bungalows T1 consisting only of a room, a room with kitchen and a bathroom, to private villas. A villa is a sumptuous house of great proportions. In general, it is an isolated property with large area of gardens with swimming pools and private garages.

Currently the villas between Cascais and Lisbon have gardens and / or swimming pools, private parking and / or garages. It is also common to have two floors or more such as the presence of an attic. Villas are usually located in more premium urbanized areas, near the sea, in the city centres or even in the countryside.

Within the housing spectacle, we still have various subcategory of the semi-detached houses know in Portuguese as "geminadas" that come from the Latin "gemini". It is a construction of two or more houses connected to each other, which proportionally divide the lot according to the number of units. It is a type of symmetrical residence that shares the structure, masonry and roof with another, with the same internal arrangement inverted one to the other sometimes even forming a condominium.

These properties can be much cheaper in both construction and sale, as they are made in series, which gives the builder a much lower value than other types of real estate.

All houses that are either semi-detached or not fully incorporated in a condominium, can enjoy a variety of perks including indoor and outdoor pools, gardens, gym, spa, private garages such as private outdoor parking.

For all housing in this situation it is necessary to pay an administrative fee to the condominium, which is usually charged quarterly or annually. This fee covers all condo maintenance and expenses.


It is also common to have resident meetings to make decisions on matters relevant to the building. These include:


 Real estate being a commodity that rarely depreciates, unlike most other financial assets.

Real estate is usually dependent on location and property conditions, its set to appreciate over times, especially in a growing economy such as Portugal's. This provides greater independence and financial freedom providing greater stability in your professional life.

Other property types



All the apartments have a wide variation in dimensions, ranging from Studios or T0 consisting only of a bedroom-living room and bathroom, up until T6+ or more for apartments with more than 6 rooms.

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Plot of land

At Petra Strattil real estate, we can have two types of land available.

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This is the Segment of stores that you can find for Sale or Rent at the Petra Strattil Real Estate Brokerage.

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Buildings are all fractions of a territory that encompass structures and constructions of any nature, which are embodied or settled therein.

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Within the traditional definition as well as this new concept, Petra Strattil real estate has some options available for you in your real estate portfolio. 

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At Petra Strattil Real Estate Agency, we have a wide array of restaurants for succession, lease or sale, with the aim of providing an original and new experience for those who are in the restaurant business. 

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