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The apartment is an existing housing unit in multifamily buildings and housing developments with a lot of demand for sale or rental in the areas amongst Cascais and Lisbon.

All the apartments have a wide variation in dimensions, ranging from Studios or T0 consisting only of a bedroom-living room and bathroom, up until T6+ or more for apartments with more than 6 rooms.

Each apartment contains a varied number of suites (rooms with private bathroom), with a possibility of a terrace, balcony or private garden.

Most apartments include parking spaces (not being the case of antique buildings situated in central areas). It has also become common to utilize the English term ´Penthouse´ to describe normally larger luxurious apartments situated on the last (or last) floors of a residential building.

Many apartments include access to a condominium, which may include interior and/or exterior swimming pools, gardens, gymnasium, spa, and private garages such as private outdoor parking.


For any apartment in a residential building it is necessary for the home owner to pay an administrative fee to the condominium, which is usually charged on a quarterly or annual base. This fee covers all condominium maintenance and expenses. It is commonplace to have residents’ meeting to decide on matters relevant to the residential set such as:


In general, each apartment is owned by an investor or an owner who intends to use it for the purpose of family housing. Whatsoever the intention, an apartment is an excellent option for own usufruct or investment wise, being it in the form of purchase, sale or rent.

Real estate is a property that rarely depreciates, unlike most all other financial assets that are dependent on location and property conditions. It is certain that real estate will always appreciate over the years, offering greater independence and financial responsibility to provide greater stability in your professional life.

Other property types



All houses have a wide variety of dimensions, they come from small bungalows T1 consisting only of a room, a room with kitchen and a bathroom, to private villas.

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Plot of land

At Petra Strattil real estate, we can have two types of land available.

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This is the Segment of stores that you can find for Sale or Rent at the Petra Strattil Real Estate Brokerage.

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Buildings are all fractions of a territory that encompass structures and constructions of any nature, which are embodied or settled therein.

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Within the traditional definition as well as this new concept, Petra Strattil real estate has some options available for you in your real estate portfolio. 

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At Petra Strattil Real Estate Agency, we have a wide array of restaurants for succession, lease or sale, with the aim of providing an original and new experience for those who are in the restaurant business. 

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