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Short Term Rental

Local housing has been growing exponentially in Portugal. More and more tourists prefer to stay at or rent a holiday home or apartment instead of going to a hotel. Others choose to rent a property temporarily to get to know the area and adapt to a new city before they decide to buy or rent more permanently in the region.


Pros of short-term rental

Short-term rental offers guests a warmer experience and personalized service at lower prices compared to the more traditional hotels. Often times the host provides the guests with shuttle from the airport, as well as tips on what to visit and what restaurants to eat at.

Renting an apartment or house has many benefits for families with children: the ability to cook what and how you please, any time you like and not be constricted to other schedules other than your own, wash clothes whenever is necessary and have separate rooms for the parents that can also relax in the living room after putting their children to sleep in their own room.

On the other hand, local housing creates jobs and stimulates local economic development providing entrepreneurs and their families with new income sources. For the owner, renting a house or apartment for short stays is much more profitable than having their property on the long-term rental market. 


Short-term rental in Cascais

Whether you’re planning a holiday or a move for a few months, we have many excellent properties for seasonal rental to fit everyone’s preferences and needs. Take a look at this one-bedroom luxurious apartment at the Scala Cascais private condominium with 80m2 and an exquisite interior decor, perfect for a few days in Cascais villa.

This three-bedroom apartment with sea view and impeccable decor across its 108 m2 is perfect for a bigger family!

Or may you’re looking for security, exclusivity and green spaces. If so, this luxurious house at Quinta da Marinha with four bedrooms, pool and a spacious garden, might be perfect for you. Located at the prestigious Quinta da Marinha complex, enjoy the Nature, the golf courses and the equestrian centre.


Short-term rental in Lisbon

Our Agency also has many options for those looking to rent an apartment in Lisbon. Available for short-term rental in Lisbon with a great location and access to public transport, this studio in a charming building in the Campo Grande area has a great terrace that is excellent to watch the sunset, build a small garden or host gatherings with friends.

How about an apartment in the Lapa district? The neighbourhood is one of the most noble regions of Lisbon housing many embassies. Many residents and tourists are attracted by its tranquility, privileged location, rich architecture and design and historical buildings in the area. No need to worry about parking because this luxurious two-bedroom apartment even has a garage!

At Petra Strattil Real Estate, we have a team of qualified professionals and experts to help put your property on the short-term rental market following the guidelines of the new local housing law. If you’re looking to rent a house in Cascais or Lisbon for a holiday or during a move, we have many options available for you.

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