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Advantages of living in Cascais

Those looking to buy or rent a house in the Lisbon area, Portugal, have realized that the price of housing has skyrocketed in recent years. Living in Cascais in the outskirts of Lisbon is the best option for quality of life and properties at more affordable prices. Here are some benefits of Cascais:


Properties in Cascais

There are properties to buy and rent to fit everyone’s tastes in all four civil parishes of Cascais - Alcabideche, Carcavelos & Parede, Cascais & Estoril and São Domingos de Rana.


Prices vary according to space, location, preservation state, year and quality of construction, conditions and comfort of the property, as well as other perks such as sea view, garage/parking space, pool or other leisurely spaces.


Cascais - Close to the city, the beach and the mountains

Close to Lisbon - about 30 kms away - there are many options for transport to the city, whether by car - through the A5 or driving by the sea route - or by train.

The town of Cascais has many beautiful green spaces and parks, historic buildings, street shops, restaurants with the freshest fish and amazing beaches. Walking or cycling along the 2750 meters of the pier is one of the best ways to know the beaches from Estoril to Cascais.

For all sea lovers, Cascais is the best place for water sports, such as sailing, bodyboard, surf and windsurf. It is also only 20 minutes away from Sintra, a mountain range with historic palaces and castles and classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Cascais - A modern and cosmopolitan town

Like a garden by the sea in one of the most beautiful bays in the world, Cascais is a modern, safe and cosmopolitan town. The recognized international schools, private hospitals and clinics, as well as shopping centres with the best brands, reveal the most sophisticated and global side of Cascais. Those living in Cascais have the beaches and mountains to enjoy but also a wide range of cultural events at the Marechal Carmona Park, Paula Rego House of Stories, Cascais Cultural Centre or Cidadela Art District, among others.

Other luxurious and glamorous spots and activities can also be enjoyed at the Cascais Marina, reputable restaurants, world-renowned golf courses and spas.


Cascais - Warm weather and amazing cuisine

The excellent climate in Cascais - with 260 days of sun every year - encourages leisure activities outdoors. A former fishing village, Cascais prides itself in having a great fish and seafood-based gastronomic tradition. There are many options for restaurants in Cascais, from the best Portuguese traditional and innovative chefs to Japanese and Italian cuisine, some being Michelin-starred establishments.


Choosing a Property in Cascais

Once the location has been chosen, one should opt between a house or apartment property. Both types of property are available in a town where marquises and kings once lived. Although the Cidadela Palace - former vacation residence of the royal family and currently under the tutelage of the Portuguese Republic President - is not available for purchase, one can always choose between a two- or three-bedroom apartment in a gated community or rent an apartment in Estoril. On the other hand, a luxury house or villa at Quinta do Patino or Quinta da Marinha, near the beach, can be a good investment for a larger family.


Luxury properties: Real Estate Agency Petra Strattil

Finding your future home in Cascais is a process that requires great deliberation, whether you’re looking to buy or rent a property. Realtor Petra Strattil - with experience in real estate since 1994 - has a deep knowledge and understanding of the market and can help you find your dream home in Cascais. It is important to define your budget, the size of property that fits your needs and lifestyle, the essential requirements or must-haves, the interior design and decoration style and location that suits you best.

Petra Strattil provides guidance that is customized to each client’s needs. Contact us.